Can you honestly say you know all of the numbers of your business?

Are you fully aware of what tax liabilities you have?

Are you 100% confident you're investing your time and energy into the most profitable activities of your business?

Are you certain you're running your business in the best possible way to extract the most money for you?

If you haven't answered a resounding YES to all of these questions, then don't worry you're in good company.

The vast majority of business owners are frightened of looking at their numbers in too much detail. Businesses ranging from the one man band up to multi-million pound turnover companies.

Financial accounts can be confusing and intimidating if you've not spent much time on them before.

But it's a crucial part of your role as a business owner. In fact, we'd go as far as to say if you aren't fully aware of and in control of your numbers, then you don't really have a business. You have a hobby.

Might sound harsh, and we don't mean to offend (too much). But that's how critical it is to have your numbers under control. If you're waiting for your account to produce year end figures, then you're already 18 months late to act on some of those numbers.

So what's the alternative?

  • How about being able to review your figures every week, month, quarter?
  • How about knowing which numbers are important, which ones are vanity, and how to put steps in place to control the bottom line?
  • How about understanding how to most efficiently allocate your best returning resources?
  • What about just understanding what the hell that sentence above even means?

    Well, although it sounds like a dull, difficult and time consuming plan. It’s actually remarkably simple once you set up the processes. But it does take a bit of work up front. We won’t lie to you about that. 

What we will do is offer to help you do it.

We are going to sit down with you and go through your numbers so you can see what are the most important figures to focus your efforts on.

We'll show you where you could focus your time, money and effort to get the best return and extract the most money from your business.

We'll even show you how you can start building an asset base so you can one day replace your business with a much more passive income stream.

Sounds great doesn't it? But, we understand you might be thinking that it's not for you.

Any of those sound a bit familiar? It’s fine if they do. We’ve worked with enough people to know these are the kind of thoughts that crop up. 

So let’s go through them one by one. 

For a start, turnover doesn’t really matter that much, much more relevant is profit. But we’ve experience with working with people who are turning over £2k a month all the way up to companies making £1m+ Net Profit. 
Because we’ve seen the whole range, we know what issues you’re currently facing and we know what issues you’ll face when you get to the next level. So we’ll prepare you in advance. Not only will we fix your current problems, we’ll remove your future problems too. How nice are we?!

You’d think this is going to cost a small fortune wouldn’t you? And one of us wanted to charge a small fortune for it… but apparently it’s “nice to give back”. So the investment can be as low as £697 for our in person event. 
You’ve got a few options, which we’ll cover a bit further down the page, but you can pick and choose what’s going to work best for you. 
Our goal is to show you how to save the cost of working with us on the very first day. Every £ we help you save or make from there is then pure profit on the investment!

An accountant, a finance director, an investor, a multiple business owner, a multiple business seller, a financial advisor, a financial mindset dream, a hippy, a capitalist, a capitalist hippy. 
It’s hard to pick just one description, but basically we’ve been where you are now, and we’ve probably been where you want to get to as well. 
Between us we’ve taken businesses from concept to seven figure (millions) turnover – and profit – and sold businesses for eight figure sums too (tens of millions). 
We’ve managed to extract enough money from our ventures and invested in a way that means we no longer have to work on anything that doesn’t inspire or excite us, with people that we want to be around. 
But most importantly, we aren’t douche bags. We understand the realities of running a business, and the mental aspect that comes into play. We can spot when you’re being your own worst enemy and help you get out of your own way. 

What of them? Accountants are a necessity (not really, but kind of). So they know you’ll use them no matter what, and you’ll pay their fee because if you don’t HMRC will come knocking. They don’t get paid more if you pay £10,000 in tax or £1,000, so where is their incentive to help you save tax? 
They also haven’t usually run their own successful businesses, so they aren’t as tuned in to how you could be making more money, more efficiently, in a way that works with your life plans. 
We aren’t looking to replace your accountant. We absolutely won’t be doing your accounts for you. But we’ll be giving you the advice that you accountant probably should be giving you if they loved you as much as we do. 

Stop lying. Tell the truth. 
If you were fine, how did you make it this far down the page? 
There’s nothing wrong with where you are, because there’s nowt wrong with anyone being anywhere. But wouldn’t it be nice to be doing better financially with very little change? Or even significantly better off financially with a few new systems in place? 
We work with people who want a lifestyle business. 
We can help you stay under the VAT threshold and maximise your net take home compensation. 
We can help you scale to 10x the size you are today. 
You set the goal, we’ll help you figure out how to get there – and give you a heads up of what’s involved with getting there… you may change your mind after that, but we’ll help you out either way. 

Errrrm, OK. 
Finances aren’t scary. The unknown is scary. When you’ve no idea what you’re dealing with, it’s easy to paint it into a much bigger and scarier picture than the reality often is. We’re going to help you feel in control of your numbers, which often is nowhere near as bad as you think. And once you’re in control, it’s not scary at all!
You may even start to enjoy it… maybe. 

OK, I'm sold, what's involved?

Stage 1 is to come along to one of our Quarterly Clinic Sessions. These are held over a day and a half in pimp AirBnb somewhere. We'll go through your current situation and look at the numbers, and we'll help you come up with a plan of where you want to get to. We'll break that down into a 90 day action plan so you've got clear, actionable instructions to take away with you.
There will be a hot-seat session so you can learn from everyone else there, but you get to choose how much you reveal about your own numbers. Some people are happy to share, others aren't. Doesn't matter to us, so whatever works for you.
Either way, you'll get not only our help, but input from the other people there who may have gone through something very similar to you already.

What are the people like that'll be there?

If our "vibe attracts our tribe", then they'll be good fun, possibly a bit filthy, ambitious and keen to grow.
You'll be surrounded by people turning over anywhere from £30,000 to £3,000,000. From solo-preneurs to people employing anywhere up to 100 employees.
What they'll all have in common though is they won't be judgemental, unhelpful, asshats. We only work with good people. No exceptions.

What happens after the event?

For those of you who want help with the 90 day plan we come up with on the day, there is the opportunity to join our Handcuff group that will help keep you accountable and keep you on track to achieve your goals.
You'll not only get any questions you have answered along the way, but you'll be encouraged (forced) to keep on top of everything that's important for growing your business the way you want.

How much is it all?

The event is £697 for a day and half with us at our fancy pants AirBnb. That includes the cost of your accommodation and food. Bring your own alcohol, we aren't a licensed pub! There will be a maximum of 10 people at each event - but it may be fewer depending on the accommodation we choose. So you'll get plenty of 1-2-1 time with both of us.

The Handcuff group is then £450 for 90 days.

If you're feeling saucy, and you sign up to both then it's only a combined £997. A saving of £150.

If you know anything about either of us, then you'll know it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll get ridiculous value from these events.
So your last option is to sign up for a full year with us.
All 4 quarterly Clinic Session and a fully 90 days after each, giving you a full year of growth, accountability and development.
The combined price of all this would be £4,588 but if you sign up to them all, we like a keen bean, so you'll only pay £3,497.

Sold, what next?

Send us some money!
But if you'd like to chat about it and ask any more questions, then drop us an email at;

The events will be happening in;
January - start your year right
April - start the new tax year properly
July - mid year, time to get back on track
October - final push, make this year your best

The Event




Event + 90 Days Handcuffs


Saving £150

4 X Event + Yearly Handcuffs


Saving £1,091